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Rhythm Exclusive Program

In 2011, Rhythm Records introduced the Exclusive Membership Program. Members of the Exclusive Program receive all new music produced on the Rhythm label during their membership year, at least three (3) tunes every quarter. Only program members will receive this new music, and they must promise never to sell or share it with anybody. The music is delivered in MP3 format, and the MP3s are guaranteed for life — if they're lost or damaged, we'll replace them for free.

NOTE: Packages are too large to be offered by instant download. When we receive confirmation from PayPal, we will send you an email with download instructions.

Rhythm Exclusive 2017-2018

Become a Rhythm Exclusive Member, and receive this year's Rhythm Exclusive package now for $160
cartAdd To Cart ($160.00)

2017-2018 Releases

Delivery Title Original Artist Caller
Delivery Title Original Artist Caller
June 18Jeans OnDavid DundasClipWade DriverVocal
June 18Mamma Mia (female and male keys)ABBAClipWade Driver, Sylvia RobertsF VocalM Vocal
June 18Walking Back to GeorgiaJim CroceClipWade DriverVocal
October 1
Got To Get A Message To YouBee GeesClipJet Roberts
October 1
No Name PatterJet Roberts (creative Plus choreo)
October 1
Sunday FinestSir RoseveltClipGary Shoemake
October 1
Wherefore And WhyGordon LightfootClipMike Seastrom

7 title(s) displayed

Under Consideration For The Rest Of The Year (and the future...)

Title Original Artist
Title Original Artist
Living In A MomentTy HerndonClip
Twist and ShoutIsley Bros / Beatles
My ChurchMaren MorrisClip
I've SeenTim Foust
You Send MeSam Cooke
Ain't MisbehavingMultiple Artists
Only YesterdayThe Carpenters
Hide Your Love AwayBeatles
Day Dreams About Night ThingsRonnie Milsap
Thinking About YouTrisha Yearwood
Waiting On A WomanBrad Paisley
Wouldn't It Be NiceBeach Boys
Son Of A Son Of A SailorJimmy Buffett
The Power Of LoveHuey Lewis
Honky Tonk BluesHuey Lewis
Blame It On WaylonJosh Thompson

Older Exclusive Packages

You can still buy the Rhythm Exclusive packages from previous years as well. Some of the older ones are now at reduced prices.

2016-2017 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($160.00)
Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 343 All Night Long Wade Driver MHVS
RR 344 Boy And Girl Thing, A Adam Christman MVS
RR 345 Try Everything Ashley Parker MVS
RR 346 Can't Stop The Feeling Mike Seastrom MHVS
RR 347 Uptight (Everything Is All Right) Wade Driver MVS
RR 348 Beat It Wade Driver MVS
RR 349 Just The Two Of Us Jet Roberts MVS
RR 350 Edge Of Glory Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MVS
RR 351 Go Away Little Girl Wade Driver MVS
RR 352 Serious Fun Gary Shoemake MHVS
RR 353 Sundown Sylvia Roberts MVS
RR 354 Sunshine Wade Driver MHVS
RR 1320 Fun (Patter) Hoedown M
RR 1321 Tragedy (Patter) Hoedown M
RR 1322 Can't Stop The Feeling (Patter) Hoedown M
RR 1323 Diggy (Patter) Hoedown M

16 title(s) displayed

2015-2016 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($160.00)

Some titles now available as singles

Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 322 I Will Follow Him Ashley Parker MHVS
RR 330 Big Boss Man Wade Driver MHVS
RR 331 Heard It In A Love Song Matt McGovern MVS
RR 332 Love Is Your Name Adam Christman MVS
RR 333 Fins Mike Seastrom MVS
RR 334 Listen To Your Senses K O Jeanes MHVS
RR 335 Hot Stuff Gary Shoemake MVS
RR 336 I Know That I'm The Only One Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MS
RR 337 You Belong To Me Mike Seastrom MHVS
RR 339 Calling Baton Rouge Wade Driver MVS
RR 340 I Wish Jet Roberts MVS
RR 341 Can't Make Old Friends Wade Driver, Mike Seastrom, Tony Oxendine MHVS
RR 342 Lying Eyes Adam Christman MHVS
RR 1318 Hanging Tree, The (Patter) M
RR 1319 Another One Bites The Dust (Patter) M

15 title(s) displayed

2014-2015 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($150.00)

Available as singles

Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 297 Take My Breath Away Mike Seastrom MHVS
RR 314 Wake Me Up Wade Driver MVS
RR 316 Cruise Wade Driver MHVS
RR 317 Walking A Broken Heart Wade Driver MVS
RR 319 Fever Jet Roberts MVS
RR 320 The Way You Make Me Feel Wade Driver MVS
RR 321 Bloody Mary Morning Wade Driver MVS
RR 323 Marshmallow World Wade Driver MVS
RR 324 Tuff Enuff Gary Shoemake MVS
RR 325 From This Valley Ken Bower MVS
RR 326 Homeward Bound Jet Roberts MHVS
RR 327 American Honey Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MVS
RR 328 Just A Kiss Wade Driver MVS
RR 329 How 'Bout You Wade Driver MVS
RR 1317 FIREBALL (Patter) M

15 title(s) displayed

2013-2014 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($150.00)

Available as singles

Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 306 Jump Right In Wade Driver MHVS
RR 307 Coconut Tree Jet Roberts MVS
RR 308 Happy Together Mike Seastrom MVS
RR 309 Maggie May Wade Driver MVS
RR 310 5150 Adam Christman MVS
RR 311 Dance Tonight Terry Hebert MVS
RR 312 Everybody's Got Somebody But Me Wade Driver MVS
RR 313 Rubbenecking Wade Driver MVS
RR 315 Do You Love As Good As You Look Wade Driver MVS
RR 1315 GET LUCKY (Patter) M
RR 1316 JLO DANCE AGAIN (Patter) M
LS 604 Turn It Loose Ashley Parker MHVS
LS 605 Wagon Wheel Adam Christman MHVS
LS 606 Have Mercy Sylvia Roberts MVS

14 title(s) displayed

2012-2013 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($75.00)

Available as singles

Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 292 Life is a Highway Wade Driver MHVS
RR 293 Old Alabama Wade Driver MVS
RR 294 Soak Up the Sun Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MHV
RR 295 Better Than Today Wade Driver MVS
RR 296 I Got You Wade Driver MVS
RR 298 Country Man Wade Driver MVS
RR 299 Baby You've Got What It Takes Mike Bramlett MVS
RR 300 Turn Me Loose and Let Me Sing Marshall Flippo MVS
RR 301 Call Me Maybe Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MVS
RR 303 Put Some Drive in Your Country Wade Driver MVS
RR 304 Window on the World Ken Bower MVS
RR 305 King of the Road K O Jeanes MHVS
RR 1313 BELIEVE (Patter) M

14 title(s) displayed

2011-2012 Rhythm Exclusive Package

cartAdd To Cart ($75.00)

Available as singles

Number Title Caller Samples
Number Title Caller Samples
RR 278 Best of My Love Wade Driver MHVS
RR 279 Down On The Corner Mike Seastrom MHVS
RR 280 I Need You Now Dee Dee Dougherty-Lottie MHVS
RR 281 The Gambler Wade Driver MVS
RR 282 As She's Walking Away Marshall Flippo MVS
RR 283 Suspicious Minds Ken Bower MVS
RR 284 Barefootin' Gary Shoemake MVS
RR 285 Just Dropped In (To See What Condition) Ken Bower MVS
RR 286 Write This Down K O Jeanes MVS
RR 287 Gettin' You Home Jet Roberts MVS
RR 288 Don't Think Twice Wade Driver MVS
RR 289 Somewhere Wonderful Medley Wade Driver MVS
RR 290 Fare Thee Well Jet Roberts MVS
RR 291 Sloop John B Mike Seastrom MHVS

14 title(s) displayed

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