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Welcome to Rhythm Records!

Special Notes

Rhythm Exclusive Program

NEWEST — Exclusive 2017-18

Go to the Exclusive page to see releases
and hear sample clips — and order!

Exclusive 2015-16
First Single Releases Available

See and Order Previous Editions
on the Exclusive page

New Single Releases
(within last 3 months)

newRhythm International

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A mixture of past Rhythm releases with new vocals by a staff of international callers, and brand-new releases by our international staff. These will include harmony tracks that we were not able to produce in the past when we were distributing on vinyl. All Rhythm International releases will be single releases, and not part of the Rhythm Exclusive program.

First release:
RI 901 - Memories
Vocal by Rascal Araki of the Early Bird Squares in Hiroshima, Japan

See Our
Rhythm International

Caller School Vocals

From the 2017 Rhythm/Ego School

These Vocals Are Free Downloads

Full Collection Offer

Includes all single releases up to and including the Rhythm Exclusive 2011-2012 Package!

If you are thinking about or just beginning to use a laptop for your calling, and you don't have the time, equipment, and/or expertise to transfer music from vinyl to an mp3 format
!! Great News !!
Get Rhythm Records singing calls 101 through 291, and hoedowns 1300 through 1312, including vocals, instrumentals and cuesheets

plus $10 processing
That's an average of less than $1.50 per tune

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NOTE: Packages are too large to be offered by instant download. When we receive confirmation from PayPal, you will be sent an email with download instructions.

Top Downloads

Since Oct, 2016 Last 30 Days
  1. RR 1317 - FIREBALL
  2. LS 605 - Wagon Wheel
  3. RR 1315 - GET LUCKY
  4. RR 1316 - JLO DANCE AGAIN
  5. RR 341 - Can't Make Old Friends
  6. RR 320 - The Way You Make Me Feel
  7. RR 297 - Take My Breath Away
  8. RR 326 - Homeward Bound
  9. RR 150 - Dream Lover
  10. RR 330 - Big Boss Man
  1. RR 364 - Here Comes Santa Claus
  2. RR 268 - Christmas Cookies
  3. RR 302 - Christmas Medley
  4. RR 1315 - GET LUCKY
  5. RR 1317 - FIREBALL
  6. RR 147 - Amarillo By Morning
  7. LS 605 - Wagon Wheel
  8. LS 608 - Delilah
  9. RR 150 - Dream Lover
  10. RR 1314 - MAYBE IT'S A HOEDOWN
Surprise Your Caller!
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Rhythm Records Winter Festival

Convention Center, Waco, TX

January 5-6, 2018

Winter Festival Flyer Featuring

Ken Bower ♦ Mike Seastrom
Gary Shoemake
Dee Dee Dougherty
Wade Driver ♦ K O Jeanes

Register through PayPal
$50 pp (plus $1 service charge)
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(Registration at the door will be $60)
PDF Flyer (front & back — 880KB)

Rhythm Super Cruise

7 NIGHT WESTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE on the Royal Caribbean Liberty Of The Seas
October 14 - 21, 2018


Super Cruise Flyer Gary Shoemake ♦ Wade Driver
Ken Bower ♦ Mike Seastrom
Dee Dee Dougherty ♦ K. O. Jeanes
Jerry Gilbreath ♦ Adam Christman
And Maybe YOU! (See Incentives Below)
Mark & Pam Prow (rounds)

Click Here For Full PDF Flyer!
Group/Caller/Cuer Incentive Program (PDF)

Rhythm Records came into being in December, 1975. Since that time, we have strived to produce and provide to square dance callers around the world the very best music possible.

We have produced more than two hundred singing calls and fifteen hoedowns. While not as many as some, we feel our music quality is second to none.

Many of our releases are considered classics, such as:

  • Some Broken Hearts Never Mend
  • Dream Lover
  • Mountain Music
  • New Attitude
  • Key Largo

and many others.

We would like to thank all of the callers who have used our music and sincerely hope you will continue to do so.

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Wade Driver

3118 Schumann Oaks Drive
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