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Full Collection Offer

Includes all single releases up to and including the Rhythm Exclusive 2012 Package!

If you are thinking about or just beginning to use a laptop for your calling, and you don't have the time, equipment, and/or expertise to transfer music from vinyl to an mp3 format
!! Great News !!
Get Rhythm Records singing calls 101 through 305, and hoedowns 1300 through 1315, including vocals, instrumentals and cuesheets

plus $10 processing
That's an average of less than $1.60 per tune

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Rhythm Records Catalog: Hoedowns

The listing below includes only titles that have been released as single releases. To see titles which are part of one of the Rhythm Exclusive packages that have not yet been broken into singles, please see the Rhythm Exclusive page

All of our single releases are now delivered as instant downloads from this website. Please follow the instructions on the checkout page to return for your downloads after completing payment at PayPal. If you do not follow the instructions, you will have to email Rhythm Records to have your music sent via email — this is no longer done automatically!

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RR 1342 Timber (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1341 Feel Good Patter Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1340 Soul Limbo Patter Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1339 Mac's Hoedown (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1338 Bee Gees Medley Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1337 Live It Up (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1336 On The Floor (Patter) MusicVocal cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1335 Groovy (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1334 Katchi (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 1403 Paloma Blanca Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1333 Good Rhythm (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1332 El Mismo Sol (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 1402 Thrill Of Ghosts (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1331 Who Owns My Heart (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1330 Happy Feeling (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1329 Gimme Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1328 Here For The Music (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1327 Monody (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RI 1401 Cotton Eyed Joe (Patter) Jake Shimada, Don Ogami MusicA sideB sideSheet cartAdd To Cart ($9.00)
RR 1326 Waka Waka (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1325 Soul Fire (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1323 Diggy (Patter) Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1322 Can't Stop The Feeling (Patter) Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1321 Tragedy (Patter) Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1320 Fun (Patter) Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1319 Another One Bites The Dust (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1318 Hanging Tree, The (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($10.00)
RR 1317 FIREBALL (Patter) MusicB side cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1315 GET LUCKY (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1316 JLO DANCE AGAIN (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1314 MAYBE IT'S A HOEDOWN Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1313 BELIEVE (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1312 Wrong (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1311 Steamer (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1310 Smooth 'n Easy (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1309 Smokin' (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1308 Right (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1307 Rhythm Express (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1306 Hot 'n Sassy (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1305 Harbour Hoedown Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1304 Easy Rhythm (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1303 Rhythm Cloggers Medley (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1302 Circle Rhythm (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1301 Brandy (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)
RR 1300 Rhythm Special (Patter) Music cartAdd To Cart ($5.00)

45 titles displayed

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