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Rhythm International Staff

Rascal Araki
Hiroshima, Japan

Jennifer Davis
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064 Japan

Masumi Nishinaka
Hokkaido, Japan

Naoko Nittono
Chiba, Japan

Don Ogami
Shibuya, Tokyo

Naru Okumura
Hino, Japan

Jake Shimada
Fuchu, Tokyo

Keita Takahata
Shizuoka, Japan

Kiyomi Taneyama
Matsumoto, Nagano

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Rhythm International is a mixture of past Rhythm releases with new vocals by a staff of international callers, and brand-new releases by our international staff. These will include harmony tracks that we were not able to produce in the past when we were distributing on vinyl. All Rhythm International releases will be single releases, and not part of the Rhythm Exclusive program.

Number Title Caller Samples Buy
Number Title Caller Samples Buy
RI 906 Wish You Were Here Masumi Nishinaka, Wade Driver MusicM HarmonyM VocalF HarmonyF VocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($6.00)
RI 901 Memories Rascal Araki MusicHarmonyVocalSheet cartAdd To Cart ($6.00)

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