Thought About You    (RR 400)  

A person looking at the camera

Description automatically generated  Janet Shannon


Grand Square
Saw your mama laugh, and talkin' on the phone
A Little girl workin on an ice cream cone
' on her shoe
And I thought about you, Allemande and Weave
Saw a spring break Honda, Hell bent for Daytona
The Boys in the back, Hidin' their Coronas
Like Kids do
And I Thought About You


Heads promenade, half way round now
Sides do the right and left thru and you turn her
Sides Square thru, four hands you go
Do an eight chain four
I thought about now, I thought about forever
Swing that corner and then promenade her
I thought about true
And I thought about you


Grand Square
I saw "Hungry" misspelled on a cardboard sign
A Dirty T shirt that said "Roll Tide"
so I gave him a few
And I Thought about you, Allemande and Weave
Ran into a buddy, he said "How long's it been"
I said "A Couple o' Years, He said "you know it's been Ten"
that's what time'll do
And I thought about you


Grand Square
I Thought about me
I thought about God
Everything that Love is
And Everything it's not.......Allemande and Weave
I saw a red balloon somebody just let fly
I watched it gettin' smaller, up in the sky
for a minute or two
And I thought about you