I Lobster   (Rhythm 256 )   Mike Seastrom


Sides face Grand square
*I was a cook, she was a waitress
Down at Salty Sam┤s Seafood CafÚ
And somewhere ┤tween the clam juice and the seaweed salad
Some little shrimp just lured her away
 Allemande and weave
Oh, I Lobster and never flounder
Swing and promenade
Oh, I Lobster and never flounder
He wrapped his line around her and they drove off in his carp


Heads promenade 3/4 round
Side couples do the right & left thru
Pass thru, swing thru, boys you run
Bend the line, move forward up and back, curlique
All eight circulate, boys run right and the corner swing
Swing that lady, promenade the ring
Oh, I Lobster and never flounder
I octopus his face in, he┤s only gonna break her heart


Frankly scallop, I don┤t give a clamp


*So I said just squid and leave me for that piano tuna
If you want to trout something new
She was the bass I never had, now my life has no porpoise
Oh my cod I love her

*Boy, I swordfich she┤d come back to me
I┤ve kelped her picture in my walleye just for the halibut
I wonder if she┤s kelped mine in her perch