Golden Memories   (Rhythm 166 )   Wade Driver


Circle left
I've got golden, memories
I've got silver threads winding through my hair
Allemande left go, dosado
Left allemande, you gotta weave that ring
I'm not young, but I'm not old
Dosado that lady, Promenade on home
Oh baby, I've got good times
Enough to share


Those Heads Square thru in the middle
and get four hands and then
Dosado, you're gonna make that wave my friend
Swing thru two by two, Spin the Top you know
Without a stop go Right and Left Thru, turn that lady go
Square thru, Three quarter round
Swing that corner lady, promenade on down
Oh baby, I've got good times
enough to share


Sides face grand square (16 Beats)
Oh baby, I've got good times, enough to share