On Broadway    (RR 165)   Bob Baier


Circle left
They say the neon lights are bright
On Broadway

Left allemande, you dosado
Men star left and go
You turn thru and you go allemande
Dosado, promenade the land
I won't quit 'til I'm a star
On Broadway


Head couples square thru 4 hands and then
Dosado her
Swing thru and then the boys run right
Tag the line, cloverleaf and go
Girls square thru, 3/4 round
Swing your corner, promenade on down
They say there's always magic
In the air


Sides face, grand square
They say that I won't last too long
On Broadway
I'll catch that greyhound bus for home
They all say
allemande left and weave the ring
But they are wrong, I know they are
'Cause I can play this here guitar
And I won't quit 'til I'm a star
On Broadway


On Broadway