Wish You Were Here    (RR 164)   Pat Barbour


sides face, grand square
*I took a vacation down by the ocean
but it's no fun with a heart that's broken
ooh baby, wish you were here

allemande left and you weave
I see lovers walking on the beach at sunset
dosado and promenade with your pet
ooh baby, wish you were here


**if I knew where you were i'd send you a postcard
having a blue time I'm so lonely so far

***I put on my robe I turn all the lights out


heads/sides square thru, count 'em 4 hands around now
and with that corner, dosado her 1 time now
swing thru, boys you will run right
1/2 tag, trade and roll, face her tonight
star thru and then go right & left thru my friend
full turn, little more, keep her
promenade that old floor
ooh baby, wish you were here


ooh baby wish you were here